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Visual acuity with computer simulated and lens-induced astigmatism

Remon, Laura  -  Benlloch, J  -  Pons, Amparo  -  Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Furlan, Walter D.
Optica Aplicata | Vol. XLIV, Issue 4, pp. 521-531, year 2014doi: 10.5277/oa140403

Using a smartphone acceleration sensor to study uniform and uniformly accelerated circular motions

Castro Palacio, Juan Carlos  -  Velazquez Abad, Luisberis  -  Gomez-Tejedor, J.A.  -  Manjon, F.J.  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Fisica | Vol. 36 , Issue 2, pp. 2315 , year 2014

The Effect of Fractal Contact Lenses on Peripheral Refraction in Myopic Model Eyes

Rodriguez-Vallejo, M  -  Benlloch, J  -  Pons, Amparo  -  Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Furlan, Walter D.
CURRENT EYE RESEARCH | pp. 1-10, year 2014doi: 10.3109/02713683.2014.903498

The acoustic Doppler effect applied to the study of linear motions

Gomez-Tejedor, J.A.  -  Castro Palacio, Juan Carlos  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS | Vol. 35, Issue 2, year 2014

Study on band-gap structure of Fibonacci quantum superlattices by using the transfer matrix method

Ferrando, Vicente  -  Castro Palacio, Juan Carlos  -  Mari, B  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS B | Vol. 28, Issue 1450053 , year 2014

Imaging properties of kinoform Fibonacci lenses

Ferrando, Vicente  -  Calatayud, Arnau  -  Andres, Pedro  -  Torroba, Roberto  -  Furlan, Walter D.  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
IEEE PHOTONICS JOURNAL | Vol. 6, Issue 1, year 2014

Diffraction by electronic components of everyday use

Barreiro, Jesus J.  -  Pons, Amparo  -  Barreiro, Juan C.   -  Castro Palacio, Juan Carlos  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
AM. J. PHYS. | Vol. 82, Issue 257, year 2014

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