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Unisolvency for multivariate polynomial interpolation in Coatmèlec configurations of nodes

García March, Miguel Ángel  -  Giménez, Fernando  -  Villatoro, Francisco R.  -  Pérez, Jezabel  -  Fernández de Córdoba, Pedro
Applied Mathematics and Computation | Issue 217, pp. 7427-7431, year 2011

Undergraduate experiment with fractal diffraction grating

Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Furlan, Walter D.  -  Pons, Amparo  -  Barreiro, Juan C.   -  Giménez, Marcos H.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS | Issue 32, pp. 687-694, year 2011

Self-similar focusing with generalized devil’s lenses

Casanova, Cristina  -  Furlan, Walter D.  -  Remón, Laura  -  Calatayud, Arnau  -  Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Mendoza-Yero, Omel
J. OPT. SOC. AM. A. | Vol. 2, Issue 28, pp. 210-213, year 2011

Difract: Un nuevo laboratorio virtual para la modelización matemática de las propiedades de difraccion de redes fractales

Giménez, Marcos H.  -  Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Giménez, Fernando  -  Pons, Amparo  -  Barreiro, Juan C.   -  Furlan, Walter D.
Modelling in Science Education and Learning | Vol. 17, Issue 4, pp. 223-229, year 2011

Developing computer use skills for problem solving in engineering students from the rst year physics course

Castro Palacio, Juan Carlos  -  Velázquez Abad, Luisberis  -  Crespo Madera, Elio  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Fisica | Vol. 3, Issue 33, pp. 3313-11, year 2011

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