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Through-focus response of multifocal intraocular lenses evaluated with a spatial light modulator

Remon, Laura  -  Arias, Augusto  -  Calatayud, Arnau  -  Furlan, Walter D.  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
APPLIED OPTICS | Vol. 36, Issue 51, pp. 8594-8598, year 2012

Synthesis of fractal light pulses by quasi-direct space-to-time pulse shaping

Mendoza-Yero, Omel  -  Alonso, Benjamin  -  Minguez Vega, Gladys  -  Juan Sola, Inigo  -  Lancis, Jesus  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
OPTICS LETTERS | Vol. 7, Issue 37, pp. 1145-1147, year 2012

Subtractive imaging in confocal scanning microscopy using a CCD camera as a detector

Sanchez-Ortiga, Emilio   -  Sheppard, Colin J.R.  -  Saavedra, Genaro  -  Martinez Corral, Manuel  -  Doblas, Ana  -  Calatayud, Arnau
OPTICS LETTERS | Vol. 7, Issue 37, pp. 1280-1282, year 2012

Self-Similar Behavior in Semiconductor Superlattices

Castro Palacio, Juan Carlos  -  Villatoro, Francisco R.  -  Mendoza-Yero, Omel  -  Velazquez Abad, Luisberis  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
Fractals | Vol. 1, Issue 20, pp. 89-95, year 2012

Multiplexing of encrypted data using fractal masks

Barrera, John F.  -  Tebaldi, Myrian   -  Amaya, Dafne  -  Furlan, Walter D.  -  Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Bolognini, Nestor  -  Toborra, Roberto
OPTICS LETTERS | Vol. 37, Issue 14, pp. 2895-2897, year 2012

Experimental generation and characterization of Devil's vortex-lenses

Calatayud, Arnau  -  Rodrigo, Josť A.  -  Remon, Laura  -  Furlan, Walter D.  -  Cristobal, Gabriel  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
Applied Physics B (Lasers and Optics) | Vol. 4, Issue 106, pp. 915-919, year 2012

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Novel intracorneal inlay design improves presbyopia correction
Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, University of Valencia,...

Researchers design a new intracorneal inlay to correct presbyopia
Researchers at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, University of Valencia,...

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Diffractive Corneal Inlays: A New Concept for Correction of Presbyopia

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