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Vortex Transmutation

Garcia March, Miguel Angel  -  Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Ferrando, Albert  -  Zacares, Mario  -  Fernandez de Cordoba, Pedro
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS | Vol. 95, pp. 123901, year 16 September 2005doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.95.123901

Sloped-Wall Thin-Film Photonic Crystal Waveguides

Andres, Pedro  -  Silvestre, Enrique  -  Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Andres, Miguel V.  -  Ferrando, Albert
IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS | Vol. 2, Issue 17, pp. 354-356, year February 2005

Nodal solitons and the nonlinear breaking of discrete symmetry

Andres, Pedro  -  Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Ferrando, Albert  -  Zacares, Mario  -  Fernandez de Cordoba, Pedro
OPTICS EXPRESS | Vol. 4, Issue 13, pp. 1072-1078, year 21 February 2005

Measuring coupled oscillations using an automated video analysis technique based on image recognition

Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Vidaurre, Ana  -  Riera, Jaime  -  Gimenez, Marcos H.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS | Vol. 26, pp. 1149-1155, year 2005doi: 10.1088/0143-0807/26/6/023

Focusing light with fractal zone plates

Furlan, Walter D.  -  Saavedra, Genaro  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
E.D.O. | Vol. 65, Issue 5, pp. 001-0015, year 2005

Cantor-like fractal photonic crystal waveguides

Furlan, Walter D.  -  Silvestre, Enrique  -  Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Zapata Rodriguez, Carlos J.
OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS | Vol. 252, pp. 46-51, year 2005doi: 10.1016/j.optcom.2005.03.032

A transfer matrix method for the analysis of fractal quantum potentials

Villatoro, Francisco R.  -  Marin, Maria J.  -  Urchueguía, Javier F.  -  Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Fernandez de Cordoba, Pedro
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS | Vol. 26, pp. 603-610, year 2005doi: 10.1088/0143-0807/26/4/005

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