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The Radon-Wigner Transform in Analysis, Design, and Processing of Optical Signals

Furlan, Walter D.  -  Saavedra, Genaro
Phase Space Optics: Fundamentals and Applications | Issue Chapter 4, pp. 107-163, year 2009

Role of dispersion on zero-average-index bandgaps

Silvestre, Enrique  -  Depine, Ricardo A.  -  Martinez Ricci, Maria L.  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
J. OPT. SOC. AM. B. | Vol. 4, Issue 26, pp. 581-586, year April 2009

Polyadic devil's lenses

Calatayud, Arnau  -  Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Mendoza-Yero, Omel  -  Furlan, Walter D.
J. OPT. SOC. AM. A. | Vol. 12, Issue 26, pp. 2532-2537, year December 2009doi: 10.1364/JOSAA.26.002532

Optical-data storage-readout technique based on fractal encrypting masks

Bolognini, Nestor  -  Torroba, Roberto  -  Furlan, Walter D.  -  Tebaldi, Myrian
OPTICS LETTERS | Vol. 3, Issue 34, pp. 316-318, year 1 February 2009

Optical filters with fractal transmission spectra based on diffractive optics

Mendoza-Yero, Omel  -  Minguez Vega, Gladys  -  Fernandez Alonso, Mercedes   -  Lancis, Jesus  -  Tajahuerce, Enrique  -  Climent, Vicent  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
OPTICS LETTERS | Vol. 5, Issue 34, pp. 560-562, year March 1, 2009

m-bonacci metamaterial multilayers: location of the zero-average index bandgap edges

Monsoriu, J.A.  -  Depine, Ricardo A.  -  Martinez Ricci, Maria L.  -  Silvestre, Enrique  -  Andres, Pedro
OPTICS LETTERS | Vol. 20, Issue 34, pp. 3172-3174, year October 15, 2009

Fractal generalized zone plates

Mendoza-Yero, Omel  -  Fernandez Alonso, Mercedes   -  Minguez Vega, Gladys  -  Lancis, Jesus  -  Climent, Vicent  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
J. OPT. SOC. AM. A. | Vol. 5, Issue 26, pp. 1161-1166, year May 2009

Fractal diffractive lenses with improved diffraction efficiency

Remon, Laura  -  Gimenez, Fernando  -  Furlan, Walter D.  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
RECENT. RES. DEVEL. OPTICS | Vol. 7, pp. 1-15, year 2009

Devil's vortex-lenses

Furlan, Walter D.  -  Gimenez, Fernando  -  Calatayud, Arnau  -  Monsoriu, J.A.
OPTICS EXPRESS | Vol. 24, Issue 17, pp. 21891-21896, year 23 November 2009

Analysis of the imaging method for assessment of the smile of laser diode bars

Marti Lopez, Luis  -  Ramos de Campos, Jose A.  -  Furlan, Walter D.
APPLIED OPTICS | Vol. 26, Issue 48, pp. 4880-4884, year 10 September 2009

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