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Fernandez de Cordoba, Pedro

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Pedro was born in Valencia in October 1965. He received the Licenciado degree, and the M.S. and the Ph.D. degrees in Theoretical Physics from the Universitat de Valencia (UV), Valencia, Spain in 1988, 1990, and 1992, respectively. He also received the Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia(UPV), Valencia, Spain, in 1997. His research work was performed at UV, UPV, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Russia), the University of Tubingen (Germany) and the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) in Torino (Italy). He is currently Professor in the Departamento de Matematica Aplicada at UPV. Nowadays, his research interests include the area of numerical simulation of physical and engineering problems mainly focusing on the analysis of the electromagnetic propagation in optical waveguides and fibre devices (including nonlinear and quantum effects) and on the numerical treatment of heat and mass transfer problems. He is also interested in optimization problems in the field of Synthetic Biology. Pedro received the distinction of Profesor Invitado (invited professor) at Universidad de Pinar del Rio (Cuba) on December, 2002. At the regular meeting of the Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of June 15, 2011, it was approved his designation as a corresponding member. Furthermore, since its establishment on September 30, 2011, he has been a member of the Board of the math-in network. Likewise, on October 25, 2012, he received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from University of Pinar del Rio (Cuba) and on October 17, 2015, he was named an elected fellow of the "Academie Nationale des Sciences, Arts et Lettres du Benin". Moreover, in Summer 2017, he was awarded the distinction of Profesor Visitante "Ad Honorem" of Universidad del Magdalena (Colombia).

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