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Udaondo, Patricia

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Patricia recived her MS in Medicine and Surgery from the Miguel Hernandez University (Elche, Spain). He specialized in Ophthalmology at the General Hospital of the University of Valencia where she received Best Academic Record Award. She completed her specialty at Hospital La Paz (Madrid) and Wilmer Eye Institute at John's Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA). Her professional career was conducted at several public and private Hospitals and she was a teacher of the Master of Ophthalmological Nursing. She also was Associate Professor at the University CEU Cardenal Herrera Oria and. Currently she is at the Hospital La Fe (Valencia). She is also a co-founding director of Aiken. In recent years she worked as a Medical Instructor of OZURDEX and has participated in numerous forums and national and international conferences of ophthalmology. Her main areas of interest are cataract, presbyopia and retinal surgeries. Besides she is interested in the prevention of eye diseases affecting the anterior and posterior segment of the eye like diabetes and macular degeneration.

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