Diffractive corneal inlay for presbyopia

A conceptually new type of corneal inlays for a customized treatment of presbyopia is presented. The diffractive inlay consists on a small aperture disc having an array of micro-holes distributed inside the open zones of a Fresnel zone plate. In this way, the central hole of the disc lets pass the zero order diffraction and produces an extension of the depth of far focus of the eye, while the diffracted light through the holes in the periphery produce the near focus. Additionally, the micro-holes in the inlay surface fulfill the essential requirement of allowing the flow of nutrients through it to the cells of the corneal stroma. Theoretical and optical-bench experimental results for the polychromatic axial Point Spread Function (PSF) were obtained, showing an improved performance compared to the small aperture corneal inlay currently in the market (Kamra). Images of a test object, obtained at several vergences in the surroundings of the far and near foci, are also shown.